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Applied Food Sciences, Inc. (AFS) – Functional Botanical Ingredients

Applied Food Sciences, Inc. – Functional Botanical Ingredients

Applied Food Sciences functional botanical ingredients.

Applied Food Sciences, Inc. (AFS) specializes in the research & development of functional botanical ingredients for use in foods, beverages and nutritional supplements. 

“Solutions for creating the healthiest organic products imaginable.”

By designing botanical ingredients that are highly water soluble and with a neutral flavor profile, AFS supports beverage and supplement companies to easily incorporate functional benefits with a clean formulation. Sustainability and ethical sourcing are CORE to AFS’ values and all ingredients are NON-GMO, and Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS – an FDA requirement for U.S. beverages).

Applied Food Sciences portfolio of functional botanical ingredients consists of:

•  Healthy energy  — Organic caffeine and other novel extracts standardized for caffeine + antioxidants 

•  Flavors without limitation — Organic extracts that are highly water soluble and clear in solution 

•  Relaxation you can feel — Extracts from only noble kava cultivars are used to support healthy sleep and stress relief, and

•  Cellular Detoxification — To help remove harmful pollutants from the body with a complete liver health ingredient that also enhances the functional benefits of other ingredients.

Applied Food Sciences is proud to source our ingredients in a manner that is both sustainable and socially responsible.  Transparency is genuine when working hand-in-hand with farmers and manufacturers to deliver our customers functional botanical ingredients that are completely traceable from label to origin. Therefore, our customers know the story behind their ingredients and can be proud to share that story with their consumers.

AFS’s revolutionary products have been featured on television and in publications such as Natural Products Insider, New Hope Natural Media (Engredea), BevNET, IFT, FoodDive, Innovations in Food Technology, NutraIngredients, Food Navigator, Nutraceuticals World, Nutritional Outlook, NIE Magazine, Whole Foods Magazine, CNN, NBC, USA Today and more.

Click here to view our Ingredient Portfolio and also make sure to visit our site on clean label beverages www.cleanlabelbeverages.com for more resources on natural innovation in beverages.

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