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Coffee Roasting Technology

Patented Technologies for Healthier Coffee:

HealthyRoast® Coffee Roasting


With years of research in antioxidants, AFS discovered the coffee beans little secret. The green (unroasted) coffee bean is packed full of antioxidants. These polyphenols are rich in chlorogenic acid and extremely high in solubility for the body. However in coffee roasting the high temperatures burn the amazing polyphenol compounds out of the beans. Using the patented HealthlyRoast™ coffee roasting process AFS offers a solution that preserves these healthy properties throughout the roasting process offering 100% natural coffee only with 200% more antioxidants than the same coffee beans using a typical roasting process and more antioxidants than most green teas.

“As if antioxidant-rich coffee alone wasn’t enough, we expanded our research on coffee roasting to discover more on the healthy benefits that occur when leaving these natural polyphenol compounds in the coffee,” explains Brian Zapp (Marketing Director with Applied Food Sciences, Inc.). “We call this the StomachFriendly™ coffee roasting effect.”

HealthyRoast® Coffee Roasting


The patented HealthyRoast™ coffee roasting process increases antioxidants in the gastric tract, which has shown to protect against irritations typically associated with drinking coffee. Nearly 1/3 of all coffee drinkers are unable to regularly drink coffee due to stomach irritation. Now with the revolution of HealthyRoast™ coffee and the StomachFriendly™ patent, coffee drinkers of all kinds can enjoy that revitalizing cup of coffee.

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Benefits of HealthyRoast® Coffee Roasting:

200% More antioxidants than otherwise roasted coffee (using a traditional roasting process)

• Any roast type. Any bean variety.

• Low cost of implementation or licensing.

Two ways to

HealthyRoast™ your Brand

Patent NO: US #6,723,368, #8,357,419, EU#1355536

1. Roasted Beans

HealthyRoast® Coffee Roasting

The most popular option!

Customers can get fresh HealthyRoast™ StomachFriendly™ roasted coffee in bulk. It can either be bagged and shipped by our co-packing facilities, or we can send out the roasted product ready to be filled by you.

You make the choice:

  • Roast Temp – Espresso/Dark/Medium or Light
  • Flavor – Can always be an option
  • Quality – Arabica/Robusta/Blend
  • Organic – Our extraction/roasting is done with a clean water process that maintains your 100% organic/non-gmo certifications.

It’s your coffee! We just ensure it is loaded with the natural antioxidants from the beans themselves.

2. Modification

HealthyRoast® Coffee Roasting

Upgrade your roaster!

Some specialty roasters already have all the equipment to make their craft coffee in house. In this case our licensed HealthyRoast™ and StomachFriendly™ technology is a low cost modification that can be easily retro-fitted to most roasting facilities giving you the ability to roast your own antioxidant rich gourmet coffee.