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Supplier of Antioxidant Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate 

Patented Technologies for Healthier Coffee

Coffee With 200% More Antioxidants

HealthyRoast® Coffee Roasting


With years of research in antioxidants, AFS discovered the coffee beans little secret. The green (unroasted) coffee bean is packed full of antioxidants. These polyphenols are rich in chlorogenic acids and extremely bioavailable in the body. However in coffee roasting the high temperatures burn the amazing polyphenol compounds out of the beans. Using the patented HealthlyRoast® coffee roasting process AFS offers a solution that preserves these healthy properties throughout the roasting process offering delicious coffee with 200% more antioxidants than the same coffee beans using a typical roasting process and more antioxidants than most green teas.

Antioxidants are preserved throughout the roasting process for

200% more antioxidants than otherwise roasted coffee!

HealthyRoast® Coffee Roasting


Nearly 1/3 of all coffee drinkers are unable to regularly drink coffee due to stomach irritation. Now with the revolution of HealthyRoast® coffee and the StomachFriendly™ patent, coffee drinkers of all kinds can enjoy that revitalizing cup of coffee. The patented HealthyRoast® coffee roasting process increases antioxidants in the gastric tract, which has shown to protect against irritations typically associated with drinking coffee.

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*Applied Food Sciences, Inc. does not sell products direct to consumers. This product is not to be consumed in this format but is intended for further processing or manufacturing.

1. Bulk Freshly-Roasted Beans

HealthyRoast® Coffee Roasting

Your beans with 200% more antioxidants!

Customers can get fresh HealthyRoast™ roasted coffee in bulk. It can be bagged for private label or shipped in totes.  Inquire using the form above for samples and pricing.

2. Cold-Brew Concentrate

AFS Supplier of cold brew coffee concentrate extract antioxidant

Make your Cold-Brew stand out with antioxidants!

Cold Brew Coffee is one of the fastest growing categories in the beverage industry. HealthyRoast™ patented coffee roasting process can help separate your brand from the pack. Inquire using the form above for samples and cost.

Two ways to HealthyRoast® your Brand:

Patent NO: US #6,723,368, #8,357,419, EU#1355536

You make the choice:

    • Roast Temp  •  Flavor  •  Quality  (Arabica/Robusta/Blend)  •  Organic


*HealthyRoast® is done with a water process that 100% maintains Organic/Non-GMO certification.