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Glucarate by AFS for detoxification

Glucarate by AFS for Detoxification
Glucarate by AFS for Detoxification Infographic

About Glucarate by AFS

Human beings are constantly bombarded by toxins from smog, plasticizers, radiation, and other pollutants.  In excess, these toxins can build up in the body and remain present causing negative symptoms.  

Supplementing with Glucarate significantly boosts the body’s ability to eliminate harmful toxins, pollutants and chemicals while improving androgen/estrogen balance.  This is done by the working with the body’s phase II liver detoxification pathway, called Glucuronidation.  In doing so, Glucarate converts to glucaric acid which binds to toxins at the cellular level making them water soluble so they can be easily eliminated by the body.

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Key Health Benefits:

Aids in Detoxification & Liver Health:

•  Helps remove harmful toxins pollutants and other chemicals

•  Helps remove plasticizers

Balance Testosterone to Estrogen Ratio:

•  Helps eliminate excess estrogen and estrogen mimickers

•  Helps eliminate stress-hormone buildup

•  Helps eliminate harmful toxins released from tissue during workouts

Key Attributes:

•  USP Grade

•  FCC Grade

•  Water Soluble

•  GRAS (for US Food & Beverage)

Key Formulation Benefits:

Available in two forms:

•  Calcium D-Glucarate

•  Potassium-Hydrogen Glucarate


•  Water Soluble

•  Clear in Solution / Odor Free / Neutral Taste Profile

•  Non-GMO / GRAS

Ideal Applications:

•  Food & Beverages

•  Dietary Supplements

•  Pharmaceuticals / Injectables

•  Topical Cosmetics