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JAVA.g™ Green Coffee Caffeine

JAVA.g Green Coffee Caffeine

Supplier of green coffee caffeine extract standardized for chlorogenic acids and naturally occurring caffeine content.  JAVA.g™ green coffee caffeine offers an innovative fingerprint that combines the potent health benefits from green coffee antioxidants with the natural caffeine from coffee. This ingredient is perfect for formulating healthy functional beverages and foods. JAVA.g™ is quickly becoming a popular solution for natural energy drinks.

Benefits: Quality not Quantity! 40% Chlorogenic acids, 40% Caffeine, 60% Total polyphenols, Non-GMO, Energy + Antioxidants, DHEA

Formulating: Water soluble green coffee caffeine extract powder, Neutral taste profile, Self-determined GRAS

About Green Coffee Caffeine:

One of the most highly bioavailable antioxidants to humans is called Chlorogenic Acids (CGA).  One major source of CGA is coffee beans.  Chlorogenic acids in green coffee have quickly become a popular source for antioxidants used in both nutraceutical and beverage formulation because they are stable, soluble, and highly metabolized in humans.  Green coffee is also high in naturally occurring caffeine.  In JAVA.g™ caffeine and chlorogenic acids are standardized at a functional ratio that is simple to formulate with, clear in solution, and has a neutral flavor profile. 

More Credible Ingredients:

Credibility is largely related to trust.  According to a Mintel survey in 2015, over one quarter of energy drink consumers surveyed say that they drink less energy drinks because they don’t trust the artificial ingredients inside (Mintel 2015: Survey Based on 168 internet users aged 18+ who consume less energy drinks).  By substituting these synthetic and unrecognizable ingredients with known sources, like coffee and tea, consumers can easily draw a connection of familiarity.

“We are noticing some of the largest players in the energy drink industry going from extreme to natural,” says Jackson Zapp VP of Innovation at Applied Food Sciences (AFS), a global leader in functional ingredients for beverages.  “Natural caffeine extracts, specifically our organic sources of caffeine, are dominating R&D efforts right now because they offer the same desired effects as synthetic caffeine and often have additional health benefits.”

Sustainable Ethical Green Coffee Caffeine Extract

JAVA.g™ Green Coffee Caffeine

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