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Guayusa Tea Extract AMATEA™

AMATEA Guayusa Tea Extract

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Ilex guayusa is a super-leaf grown on a tree of the holly genus native to the Amazon Rainforest.  Guayusa is unique because of its inherent potency in both naturally occurring caffeine and polyphenols, providing a clean, focused energy.  Traditionally guayusa is brewed like a tea but is technically a different plant than green or black tea.  Many people find it superior due to the synergistic compounds within the plant and the way it makes you feel. 

ENERGY“The Night Watchman”

Guayusa Tea ExtractNative Amazonian hunters call guayusa “The Night Watchman” because it helps sharpen their awareness and gives them energy when going into the jungle at night.

When brewed, Guayusa has as much caffeine as a strong cup of coffee. 

However different from what you get from coffee or energy drinks, the compounds in guayusa give you sustained and focused energy.  Anecdotally when consuming guayusa people tend to feel happy. Unlike coffee consumers tend to notice less anxiousness or jittery feelings and far less “burn out” later.

AMATEA™ – “A unique fingerprint”

•  Antioxidants (chlorogenic acids) like those found in green coffee

•  Catechin structure like that found in green tea

•  Theobromine like that found in chocolate

•  Low tannins (lacks bitterness/astringency)

•  Naturally sweet to accompany a variety of flavors

•  Highly water soluble / Clear in Solution

•  Non-GMO

•  20% Caffeine

•30% Chlorogenic Acids

Maturing Millennials need Grown-up Energy

Imagine a young professional walking into a boardroom with an energy drink.  Most people would visualize a loudly-branded can that looks like it belongs more at a motocross rally than an office.  However that image of energy is changing quickly. 

The fact is, millennials have always been the dominant consumer for energy drinks.  Mintel reports that, between the age of 18-34, 67% of males and 47% of females consume energy drinks and are by far the largest consumer base (Source: GMI/Mintel June 2014, Base: 2,000 internet users aged 18+).  So what happens when these young adults age out of the skatepark and into the executive boardroom? 

Like many others, recent college graduate, Ross Knutson from the University of Colorado, knows how this might impact his life. 

“I appreciate energy drinks, but as I begin to enter the professional world after graduation, I would feel embarrassed to carry a flashy energy drink into a work environment,” explains Knutson.  “I am glad to see more options in grocery stores that fit a variety of lifestyles.”

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