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  • New Survey: Fueled by Fatigue and General Lack of Focus, Consumers Desire Naturally Derived Caffeine

    New Survey: Fueled by Fatigue and General Lack of Focus, Consumers Desire Naturally Derived Caffeine

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    New Survey: Fueled by Fatigue and General Lack of Focus, Consumers Desire Naturally Derived Caffeine

    Nearly 80% indicated they would be interested in energy drinks formulated with Non-GMO and organic certified botanical caffeine source.


    Austin, TX (October 7, 2014) – We’re a nation of fatigued folks. That’s the consensus, based on a new poll of consumers conducted by Applied Food Sciences (AFS), the makers of PurCaf®, a 90% pure organic caffeine extracted from unroasted coffee beans. The survey demonstrates that heavy fatigue from the stresses of life is resulting in a lack of focus to get through our hectic days. We are also consumers who are eager to try products that contain antioxidants that are, Non-GMO, organic certified and are made using natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals or synthetic caffeine.

    Jackson Zapp, AFS’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said, “There is no doubt about it, we are all stressed out, fatigued and that leads to less focus and less productivity, and generally more frustration as we have more to do but get less done. Fortunately, at AFS we have a solution – an ethically farmed, naturally sourced, botanical, green coffee-derived caffeine that is Non-GMO and certified organic.

    “Importantly, our PurCaf process does not use harsh chemicals in the extraction, so it’s  an alternative to synthetic caffeine, which nearly 80% of consumers in our survey told us they would like to avoid.

    “Consumers are searching for information about botanically sourced, sustained energy products. It’s great to see PurCaf and other solutions that AFS offers being formulated in great products hitting the marketplace now,” he added.

    Highlights of the study include:

    65% of those polled agreed that they were fatigued or lacking focus during the day.

    77% indicated that they would be interested in trying an energy drink that contains antioxidants, is Non-GMO and is powered by certified organic caffeine from green coffee beans.

    80% stated that would be willing to buy a product containing an ingredient if they knew it was ethically farmed, environmentally friendly and was sourced using no harsh chemicals,

    66% said they would prefer to drink an energy drink with caffeine sourced from a naturally derived botanical over a typical energy drink containing synthetically or chemically derived caffeine.

    42% said they had read or heard recently about antioxidants in naturally sourced botanical ingredients giving a longer lasting, sustained energy.


    The national poll was conducted by Survata  via online interviews of 400 U.S. adults. The margin of error for this survey is 4.9%, with a 95% confidence interval.


    For more information on Organic Caffeine CLICK HERE

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