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AFS is a supplier of organic ginger extract.

Organic Ginger Extract Supplier PurGinger
  1. Fully Water Soluble!

    PurGinger™ organic ginger extract is perfect for beverages, stick packs, or effervescent tablets looking to add this amazing functional flavor! Unlike concentrates or juices, PurGinger™ organic ginger extract is fully water soluble and will not settle or cause other undesired textures like cloudiness or particulates. 

  2. Shelf Stable Organic Extract

    The cost of shipping a frozen or refrigerated ginger juice is often more than 12X that of a shelf stable powdered extract. Additionally storage requirements of frozen materials is expensive and limited. With PurGinger™ organic ginger extract, you can eliminate frozen shipping and storage as it has a two year shelf life rather than a few days after thawing of a juiced-based ingredient.  

  3. 100% Organic, NON-GMO

    “Not a whole food?” PurGinger™ truly is pure organic ginger, it simply utilizes a different type of extraction than a pressed or juiced concentrate. The net result is very similar but the difference is in the extraction technology and capabilities that can more accurately isolate the active components, called gingerol.

  4. Saves Time & Cost in Formulation

    PurGinger™ organic ginger extract is consistent in formulation and easy to take to scale. Because it is a standardized extract, manufacturers can provide consistent product flavor and nutritional benefits from ginger.

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Organic Ginger Extract

AFS takes the challenge out of working with an organic ginger in beverages by creating PurGinger™ organic ginger extract, the highly water soluble ingredient for beverages. While flavor and health benefits are key targets, a typical ginger extract would be pulpy and cause sedimentation due to its lack of solubility. Without loosing that excellent flavor and sensory profile, AFS has designed their PurGinger™ organic ginger extract to be clear in solution thanks to its high water solubility. This powder extract also cuts costs by reducing shipping costs, processing, and additional waste stream. A little PurGinger™ organic ginger extract goes a long way now making formulation with organic ginger a breeze.

Organic Ginger Extract

When it comes to functional beverages, ginger ale is widely known as a bedside staple for consumers suffering from an upset stomach. Beyond the health benefits, ginger is also a hugely popular flavor choice. Whether it is used in mixers for an alcoholic beverage, sipped in a hot herbal tea, or poured over ice on a hot summer day, consumers of all types are loving ginger flavors and are now seeking more natural options. That is why botanical extract experts, Applied Food Sciences (AFS) is making it easier for beverage formulators to use organic ginger by offering their latest water soluble ingredient, PurGinger™ organic ginger extract.

Flavor is still the No.1 driver for all food purchases

Since ginger ale was first invented (early 1800s) ginger has been a popular beverage flavor that is certainly growing in today’s market. It doesn’t matter how much nutrition or brand endorsements are made, if it doesn’t taste good, you can bet customers wont develop into repeat buyers. However, today what people deem as tasty and are willing to try is more diverse than ever before. According to market researcher Mintel, 57% of Americans consider themselves adventurous eaters and 82% are open to trying new flavors (2014). Accordingly, the top 3 US flavor companies reported in 2016 that ginger is still trending upward and pairing nicely with other seasonings and spices to really let the consumer have a wonderful sensory experience in their beverage.

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Benefits of PurGinger™ Organic Ginger Extract:

 √   Organic Certified
 √   Water Soluble
 √   Stable
 √   High Quality
 √   Excellent Sensory Profile
 √   Low Dosages Required


2% Gingerol  –  Non-GMO

Applied Food Sciences, Inc. is a global supplier of organic ginger extract.


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