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Organic Turmeric Extract

Organic Turmeric Extract for Beverages

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Organic Turmeric Extract

AFS takes the challenge out of working with an organic turmeric in beverages by creating PurCL™ organic turmeric extract, the highly water soluble ingredient for beverages. While flavor and health benefits are key targets, a typical turmeric extract would cause sedimentation due to its lack of solubility. Without loosing that excellent flavor and sensory profile, AFS has designed their PurCL™ organic turmeric extract to be clear in solution thanks to its high water solubility. This powder extract also cuts costs by streamlining formulation, and reducing costs in shipping, processing, and additional waste stream.

Benefits of PurCL™ Organic Turmeric Extract:

√  Organic Certified
√  Water Soluble
√  Stable
√  High Quality
√  Excellent Sensory Profile
√  Low Dosages Required


>5% Curcuminoids  –  Non-GMO


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