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PurC™ Organic Vitamin C Extract Supplier

Organic Vitamin C Extract Supplier PurC

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What is PurC™ Organic Vitamin C Extract?

PurC™ organic vitamin C extract is standardized at 25% vitamin C. This ground breaking extract is also highly water soluble and clear in formulation making it a perfect solution for beverages that are looking to stay purely organic. Now products can easily incorporate organic vitamin C extract for an EXCELLENT source of vitamin C according to the FDA’s RDI.

The key to PurC™ is its source: Amla (or Gooseberry). While other citrus fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, Amla contains up to 20 times more vitamin C.

While vitamin C is naturally found in citrus fruits, green vegetables and tomatoes, it might be a shock to learn that most vitamin C used for supplements and beverages is actually synthetically derived. Artificial vitamin C has become the industry norm mostly because of the known challenges in extracting it from natural sources. While citrus fruits contain high levels of this ingredient in their raw form, the extractable amounts to be applied as a natural ingredient are typically neither potent enough, stable enough, nor soluble enough to be used as a commercially viable option in products. Applied Food Sciences addresses this by providing the beverage industry the first of its kind in PurC™ organic vitamin C extract.

Amla Organic Vitamin C Extract

Flavor Concentrates vs Standardized Extracts

While taste and smell tend to exist inherently in many natural ingredients, like ginger, the same cannot be said for their fundamental ability to dissolve into solution. Some formulators try to circumvent this issue using concentrates, like pressed ginger, and others with extracts. But there is a great difference and it can make a great impact on the success of a beverage.


Flavor Concentrate – An ingredient made from removing water or other diluting agents from the original flavor material, typically concentrating to achieve or target a specific brix.

“The biggest advantage to concentrates is that they most closely resemble that which can be derived from naturally brewing or boiling the original source, for example a tea concentrate,” states Chris Fields, VP of Scientific Affairs at Applied Food Sciences, Inc. “However not all concentrates are created equal given the variability in the raw material. Even the same source of materials can yield different strengths and quality of flavors. So consistency from batch to batch requires formulators to take the extra time to match their flavor profiles. Another limiting factor is that concentrates can also retain less desirable compounds impacting viscosity, taste and nutritional content of the finished product.”

Flavor Extract – An ingredient prepared by the use of chemical extraction and/or evaporation to separate the active flavor or other health compounds from the original material. There are two types of extraction methods. One is a standardized Nutraceutical extraction, and the other is a flavor specific extraction.

“Standardized extracts from a plant source can isolate just the active compounds desired for the end formulation, streamlining your ingredient selection,” explains Fields. “By using a well-developed extract that is fully water soluble and clear in solution, formulators can achieve optimum and consistent sensory profiles on the finished products with more accurate levels of functional attributes. Applied Food Sciences has a line of standardized extracts that can help save a finished product formulator time and money through consistent volumes, quality and well understood sensory and nutrient delivery; this can be a game changer for small beverage startups looking for an edge in the industry.”

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Benefits of PurC™

Organic Vitamin C Extract:

 •  25% Vitamin C

 •  Non-GMO

 •  Organic Certified

 •  Water Soluble

 •  Clear in solution