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Organic Vitamin C Extract

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What is Pur-C™ Organic Vitamin C Extract?

Pur-C™ organic vitamin C extract is standardized at 25% vitamin C. This ground breaking extract is also highly water soluble and clear in formulation making it a perfect solution for beverages that are looking to stay purely organic. 120mg of Pur-C™ organic vitamin C extract is considered an EXCELLENT source of vitamin C according to the FDA’s RDI.

The key to Pur-C™ is its source: Amla (or Gooseberry). While other citrus fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, Amla contains up to 20 times more vitamin C.

Amla Organic Vitamin C Extract

Benefits of Pur-C™ Organic Vitamin C Extract:

• 25% Vitamin C

• Non-GMO

• Organic Certified

• Water Soluble

• Clear in solution