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The worldwide consumption of coffee is ever growing in popularity.  That has stimulated Applied Food Sciences to study the biological activities of green unroasted coffee. Green coffee beans have been shown to possess antioxidant activity; in fact they contain large amounts of chlorogenic acid and other powerful antioxidants. AFS offers Green Coffee Antioxidant (GCA®), an all-natural bulk extract of these powerful antioxidants for use in products ranging from tablets to food and beverages. GCA is self-affirmed GRAS.



Sustainably Grown


Do you know your green coffee?

This is an important mission for AFS.  We aren’t just selling ingredients.  We are providing a story for you and your customers to share.  It is a love story of knowing where our ingredients come from, knowing the people who put their hands in the dirt, and knowing that we not only take care of the earth after us but also take care of each other.  You want to know that the story behind your brand is a good one.  We make absolutely sure that it is.

Applied Food Sciences, inc. has traveled all over the world to find and work with people that share our values of sustainability and good practices.  We work with farmers across the Americas, India, and Asia to find the best quality botanics to give you the best product possible.

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Just the caffeine!  

One of the highest concentrations of pure organic caffeine on the market.

PurCaf® offers a standardized 90% pure caffeine extracted from green unroasted coffee. 

This is an affordable natural energy from coffee without the coffee taste.

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The best of both worlds!

This ‘hi-caf’ green coffee extract offers an innovative footprint of 40% standardized chlorogenic acids along with 40% natural caffeine.

Supplementing with JAVA.g is becoming a popular option in high end sports formulas giving you the health benefits of antioxidants plus the natural energy from coffee.

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Just the antioxidants!

GCA® Green Coffee Antioxidant carefully isolates the chlorogenic acid found naturally in green unroasted coffee.

GCA® offers a standardized 50% chlorogenic acid ratio lending it to be the perfect product for those looking to maximize the health benefits from coffee.

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